Sagittarius woman and Leo man

Leo: I really do like the opposite of this one. And I’ve seen this one work pretty good for an entertaining relationship. But a good Sagittarius girl had better do a little academic research about her Leo companion before getting into to this too far. He’s easy to please, all you have to do is stroke him. It reminds me of a guy I know who catches catfish by hand. Now, with Leo being the Lion, the Catfish metaphor is even funnier and more appropriate. How does this guy do it? He strokes the Catfish. He reaches down, runs his fingers around the big fish’s head, and then grabs that sucker by the gills and tosses them up onto the bank. There’s got to be an assistant on the bank, too, someone to make sure that big fish doesn’t flop back in the creek.

Okay, your Leo guy is just like that catfish, almost literally. A quick stroke, a reassuring touch and then, “bang!” He’s yours. Makes it sound simple, but catching Leo’s is like trying to catch certain fish, it looks a lot easier than it really is.

And like the example of those catfish, it could almost take help from another person to keep him when he’s landed. But is it worth the effort? For a Sagittarius girl, it sure is worth the effort to keep that Leo around. He’s loyal, dependable, imaginative, and he will treat you like a Queen, if you let him. It might take a little bit of a try to get it together the first time, but after that the rewards are great. Personally, I prefer my catfish rolled in some corn meal and pan fried with some Cajun spices.

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