Sagittarius woman and Taurus man

Taurus: You know, I’ve seen this one have a certain amount of appeal. And in a number of the cases when it works, the Sagittarius girl is a Scorpio Rising, which if you look at the rest of the chart, gives her a Taurus Descendant. That means Taurus is the sign that “rules” her 7th House, the place in traditional astrology that’s called the Wedding House.

But that’s the exception with this combination because in the same traditional astrological vein, Sagittarius girls and Taurus guys are just a little too different for this to work out. It’s like looking at Bass Fisherman, with their trucks, boats and mountains of gear for tournament work, and the Fly Fisherman with his willow creel and single little fleece lined holder of hand–tied flies. One moves fast with lots of horsepower, that’s Mr. Taurus the Bass Fisherman. The other is light on her feet, able to adjust to rapidly changing conditions, that’s the Fly Fisherman, the Sagittarius girl.

While these signs have a certain amount of common ground, the problem is that the Sagittarius girl goes for something a little more refined whereas the Taurus guy represents something that is conventional and steady.

Perhaps the fact that they are both fishing is a common ground, but too often, these two versions of fishing just don’t seem to match up well.

If this is one that works, I would suggest that there is a certain amount of astrology glue that holds it all together, perhaps something beyond the Sun Signs themselves. But if this is a strict Sun Sign interpretation, I’d give it a miss because even though there are distinct similarities, you’ll notice that we’ve got two people from different worlds. Or, maybe it’s just two people from different versions of the same world.

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