Scorpio female and Capricorn male

Capricorn: There is one thing I know, and that’s this one works. Doesn’t work all the time, doesn’t work for everyone, but when you find a Cap guy you like, all I can suggest is that you guys deserve each other. It does fit with the “signs that are at a harmonious angle to each” parameter. It also has a certain kind of stability that is inherent in each sign. That being suggested, should we discuss the problem area?

Sex. Mr. Capricorn can be one of the most satisfying lovers you ever encounter. In fact, he even has a chance to have the most stamina, as well. That’s just a generalization, but this is one topic that seems to be pretty important to every Scorpio female I’ve worked with.

That Capricorn guy, though, has a few quirks that you need to be aware of. His wonderfully droll humor, which is so dry sometimes that the point of the joke, usually himself, slips right past you. And he is able to deal with your Scorpio Sarcasm and swiftly turn it back towards you. That’s a potential problem as well. A Scorpio may be able to dish it out, but it is not always a good idea to reflect it right back to her.

The final problem is best illustrated by the main plot line from Shakespeare’s play, The 12th Night. Girl is shipwrecked, meets a Prince, disguises herself as a boy, and then—to cut to the final scene, all is revealed, and she gets her Prince. There’s a lot of plot that’s been cut for the sake of brevity, but if you’re chasing a Capricorn, and if a Cap is pursing you, then make sure that you wind up with the happy ending version. Don’t get caught up with the Malvolio character, either, and some would suggest the hapless fool is a Sagittarius. There’s a chance that there can be too much reticence on one person’s part, either him or you, and that can sink this whole idea to begin with.

Check out 12th Night, and make sure that you end up happily married. The main female character is a Scorpio, and the Prince she finally wins after all 5 Acts, is a Capricorn.

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