Scorpio female and Taurus male


The Bull

Taurus: Interesting. That’s a nice way to put it. That’s the polite way to put it. Bizarre also comes to mind. What we’ve got, what you’ve got your hot little Scorpio claws on, is the most sensual of the signs, Taurus, and the most motivated to be sensual of the signs, the Scorpio woman. But both signs are fixed, and with a fixed to fixed relationship, the basic problem is always that stubborn energy. Maybe it was an attraction at first sight, but there is the potential for great problems, too.

Taurus is a dirt sign, which means it is associated with the element of earth. You know deep feeling Scorpio is a water sign so mix the earth and water, and the conventional astrology suggests you wind up with mud. It’s not a pleasant thought. But if you can move this relationship out of the wrestling arena and off the stage for a minute, there is another key element at work with this fixed nature.


The Scorpio

There is also a degree of stability in there. That is the good part. When a fixed sign makes a commitment, it’s there for life. In the case of some of my Scorpio friends, they are there for lifetimes. This stability will feel like it’s destiny, in fact. At one point, you will feel like this a relationship that has the fine hand of Fate working in it.
The biggest problem with this particular relationship is the fact that when a disagreement arises, when there’s a heated discussion about who is right, both signs are willing to fight to very bitter end. The good news is that with a Taurus, the kiss and make up part can be fun. The bad news is that deep–seated resentments can form. And there’s no better way to poison a Scorpio girl than give her something to be resentful about.

If you decide to stick with a gentle Taurus lad, the only serious recommendation that I have is to work on some form of problem resolution. In fact, get this in writing. Agree on a way to handle disagreements. Work something out before it ever happens. Your Taurus can be a dependable critter, but you’ve got to learn how to handle the disappointments, the setbacks, the every day misunderstandings—ahead of time.

As an after thought, don’t hesitate to put your Taurus on a short leash. Cell phones are now common, let me know, I can get you a deal on one.

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