Scorpio gal and Sagittarius guy


The Scorpio

Sagittarius: I love a good Scorpio. In fact, I’ve loved more than one. And escaped with my life. But it is a dangerous proposition at best. That’s also the allure of the Sagittarius male for you. I just hope I don’t slip up and ever call him a Sagittarius man because that implies a degree of maturity which, next to a fine Scorpio like yourself, is just going to be lacking. I’ll do my best to eschew any further men bashing jokes, but it does you good to remember to approach your Sagittarius like a big boy.

He likes to play, and that sense of merriment that he can infuse into any situation is something your Scorpio self enjoys. That’s the good news. And with a Sagittarius fellow, you do have that sense that everything is fun, every mundane task can take on a special glow, like it’s all one great big adventure in Fun Land. That’s the good news.

The Archer Sagittarius

The Archer Sagittarius

The downside of this is that occasionally, your Scorpio self is going to want some grown up decisions out of this guy. You want him to take matters at hand seriously for a change. You want him to act like a grown up. He can be many things, but if it’s act like a grown up, remember that it’s only a game to him. That will eventually wear thin on your Scorpio soul.

If there’s something else in his chart, or, for that matter, your chart, too, then this can be an exciting combination. Will it last forever? Don’t forget that “forever” is a long time, and the Sagittarius guy might not have that long of an attention span. “Forever and ever,” a term I commonly employ, usually means next week. You might keep that in mind when dealing with one of us.

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