Scorpio guys

ScorpioScorpio: Scorpion guys are one of the most maligned groups I’ve ever encountered. Rightfully, so, too, as they are ruled by Mars, the ancient god of war, and in more modern times, Pluto, the lord of the underworld. Secretive bunch, too. No one knows just exactly what a Scorpio fishes with, and one of them actually suggested to me, on a fine morning, that if he told me what bait combination he was using, he’d have to kill me.

Grocery store: Grocery purchase patterns of a Scorpio are strictly held secrets and none of us have been able to ferret out this information. But we’re working on it, and if we ever get to observes Scorpio’s in the store, we’ll let you know. I suspect that they purchase a lot of canned goods that can be stored in dark places for long periods of time. You can never be too prepared.

Shopping at midnight: Most of the Scorpio’s I’ve observed while shopping at midnight have a tendency to linger around the hunting and fishing department. I think they are looking at firearms, but I can’t be too sure about it. This is the result of the Uncertainty Principle that is amended to read that an observed Scorpio will do something different, just to throw the results off and to make sure you don’t record what it is that he is doing.

Brick wall: This one I know a little too well. Scorpio’s, when faced with a brick wall, glance around nervously, and then saunter off to the nearest cafe. They order a cup of coffee, stir in some sugar, lick the spoon, and then put that spoon in their pocket. They go back to the brick wall under the stealthy cover of dark and dig a tunnel underneath it, carefully distributing the misplaced dirt so as not to leave a trail. Now, when they do get on the other side of the obstacle, they rather loudly point out how they stole a spoon and dug the tunnel all by themselves. Besides, there is no obstacle that is too much for a Scorpio.

Bait: Scorpio: Sneaky Snake — I’ll tell you a secret about how to catch a Scorpio, I mean, there’s one thing that works best, but I don’t want you to get paranoid, since it is the secret Scorpio ingredient, and keeping it a secret is no conspiracy. That’s why the Sneaky Snake works so well on the Scorpio Bass. It’s the allure of secrecy and mystery that catches that Scorpio attention. Just don’t tell the Scorpio that this is a traditional lure for Scorpio’s.

Body part: Parts for regeneration and elimination.

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