Scorpio woman and Gemini boy

Gemini: They said it wouldn’t work. They said you should know better. The book says it won’t work. But because this is an experimental guide, I feel like this one has a fighting chance—only don’t use the words “fighting chance.”

There’s nothing that good Scorpio like yourself can really get into more than a good fight, an honorable fight, a fight where justice is right, and you are on the side of justice. That’s also a downfall for the Gemini guy because he lacks much attention span for a good fight. This lack of attention won’t just show up in a verbal disagreement, it will show up in many areas. As long as you can consider yourself entertained, this can work. A Gemini usually has a quick mind, and that’s something that you appreciate in him. The problem with this quick mind is that sometimes it never turns off. Then what do you do?

A good Scorpio like yourself can latch onto one idea and pound that idea into the ground. Work it over, follow all the serious lines of thought that spring from the original idea. Your Gemini buddy does much the same thing, only, well, only he’s looked at all the branches of that thought, gone to the bookstore and completely forgotten about it while getting lost in stacks and stacks of books, and he’s busy researching something else now. You’re still on the same thought. In other words, he’s on a different page now. That’s a problem.

It doesn’t have to be a problem but often works out like one because he’s busy worrying about details while you’re still wrestling with the core of the issue. He’s off and flitting about, while you’re angst ridden over the central issue.

If you can adopt a proper attitude, one of merriment and glee, and if you genuinely delight in the various little twists and turns he takes, then this can work. But you’ve got to be adaptable to the mutable nature of the Gemini, the many different facets, the supposed “two–faced” nature of the critter to begin with. (Personally, I like Gemini’s—I find great delight in them, but I’m NOT a Scorpio.)

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