Scorpio woman and Leo male

The Leo

The Leo

Leo: Bill and Hillary, anyone? And talk about your Scorpio tenacity… “Behind every great man…” Okay, no clichés. I refer, occasionally, to “astrology glue” when I’m looking at relationships. There has to be something binding to make a serious relationship work. This is a tough call on this relationship because the Scorpio female usually feels like she should be in control, and the Leo male knows he should be in control. But that opening cliché wasn’t too bad of a statement to begin with. That sort of arrangement works with these two.

Fixed signs traditionally have a strong appeal, that first gut wrenching look, that first glance in the case of the Scorpio gal, that first, “I want him” feeling in the pit of your Scorpio stomach. If you find yourself in an emotional predicament, a case where you just can’t get him out of your mind, then I suggest you go for it. Be forewarned that there is a distinct possibility that this relationship can blow sky high right before your very eyes. It’s better than those fireworks we enjoyed last Fourth of July, the time we were run off by the Sheriff’s deputy.


The Scorpio

But just like that party the authorities broke up, you can enjoy having a good time with this. A good Scorpio chick likes to lay and wait in the background. Guess what? Your Leo guy likes to hog the limelight. We both know, you and I, where the real power in this relationship is. Just don’t ever let your Leo know that, and all will be well.
It’s a ticklish situation, at best. It’s a tough one when the relationship degenerates into nothingness. It’s just like that Fourth of July party, the authorities have to show up and break things up.

I’ve accused Scorpio’s of being scheming and manipulative. While that’s a horrible generalization, it just might be true, on some level. As long as you are going to play with Mr. Leo, back yourself up and let him take all the credit for your hard work. I know that might be a painful pill in these enlightened times, but with this pairing of sun signs, it seems to work best.

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