Scorpio woman and Libra guy

LibraLibra: The Scorpio gal and the Libra guy is actually a long–lasting relationship provided that the two get a working understanding of who is the boss. I’ve dated both [both signs—never dated a Libra guy], studied both, and I have a fair degree of understanding about this relationship.

The central issue is control. Just who is in charge?

ScorpioAnd the answer varies with the day. To be fair to the Libra, he will come across as being in charge because he is, even in times like this, the man. And the Scorpio will let him feel like he is in charge, even in times like this, as long as he understands that the real power is within her Scorpio grasp. There’s a mutual admiration society that forms, between the two signs. In old–fashioned astrology, the ruler of Scorpio is Mars, and the ruler of Libra is Venus. Mars and Venus, the two love planets. Getting to see a connection here? I would hope so.

The issue of control in any relationship is ticklish, at its best. With the two controlling signs, one would have to assume that it’s real case of a fight. But both signs are quite cautious in their use of this control. And that’s what makes this one work so well. It’s a bit of a game, but then, watching folks play this game for over 50 years makes it an interesting one to watch. And yes, it can last that long. I’ve seen it before. When I figure out who is really in charge, I’ll post that information along, although, my vote tends to go with the Scorpio.

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