Scorpio woman and Scorpio man


The Scorpio

Scorpio: The odds are in your favor with this one. A Scorpio female and a Scorpio male seem to work pretty good, 3 out of 4 times. As long as the odds are in your favor, might as well go with this one. Don’t forget that there are two of you in this relationship, a fact that is probably never overlooked by either party. You know, in the back of your partner’s mind, someplace, somewhere, somehow, the other one is scheming up a plan that includes you.

On the scale of things in life, this rates pretty good in other areas. The steamy, sensual Scorpio meets her match with the steamy sensual Scorpio.

Two water signs, especially if the Suns (birthdays) are within a few degrees of each other indicates that the chance of disagreements runs high. The problem with problems is that the two of you seem to approach problems from the same place, and when you get stuck on a single point, well, let the rest of know, because we can sell tickets to watch you fight.

I don’t know a Scorpio woman or, for that matter, a Scorpio man who will back down from a point when they are convinced, rightly or wrongly, that they are in the right. And that sense of justice is to be applauded, but this same sense of indignity is the downfall of the relationship, too. That small percentage that doesn’t make it usually stems from a simple point that eventually exploded like a thermonuclear device across the landscape. Whatever you do, stay away from those firecrackers like that. Better yet, get a decent moderator for your fights. At least get a good announcer.

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