Scorpio woman and Virgo guy

Virgo: “I get along with Virgo’s just fine. I was married to one. Once.”

It’s been my experience that this is a relationship with a degree of merit to it. With a star rating system, I’d give three out of a possible four stars. And back in the background, you can hear that Virgo guy, back there in the background, complaining that he didn’t get a perfect four–star rating. And that’s exactly why he didn’t get a four star rating, so he can have something to moan about.

If you’re dating a Virgo, I’ll promise he will give you endless stories to tell—and plenty to moan about, too. He’s not bad, he’s just drawn that way.
Imagine that your little Virgo date looks perfect. Here’s this guy you’ve obsessed about. Perhaps you first saw him when he was in one of your classes. He’s studying something interesting, some arcane branch of science, but he also knows something about music. Maybe he’s in a band. He’s a pretty hip guy. You like him a lot. And there he is, sleeping on your couch with his arms around you. He doesn’t even seem to snore which is a definite plus. You look longingly at his body. You haven’t consummated this relationship yet. But you’re sure thinking about it. He stirs and you’re as quiet as you look at his perfect little buttocks beneath those tight jeans. Suddenly he lets one rip. Flatulence.

You’re going to find that Mr. Virgo isn’t quite perfect. He’s darn nice. In fact, I like him a lot. But I’m not going out with him, and he’s got a few little hang–ups, a few quirks, a few extra sets of gears. This relationship can work, but you’re going to have to adjust to a male Virgo mindset. To this day, he still denies that he let one rip. You and I know different, but that’s the story he’s sticking to.

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