Aries female and…

Aries Female and Pisces Man

Pisces: The Pisces Male can either be a great lover and friend, possibly the very best relationship you’ve ever encountered, or it can be a bad one. Real bad. Awful. The Mate From Hell. The deal is this: an Aries woman know what she wants and goes for it, no quarter given. The Pisces male [...]

Aries Female and Aquarius Male

Aquarius: The Aries female needs to be sensitive to the rebellious nature of the Aquarius male. Pretend he is a bird. Slight breezes don’t ruffle his feathers. Major gales, though, something that does threaten his security? Now that does scare him. Aquarius males are rebels. Sometimes without a clue, but rebels nonetheless. The advantage of [...]

Aries Female and Capricorn Male

Capricorn: This is one of the most bizarre combinations available, because, despite its first astrological appearance of being a fluke, I’ve seen it work better than just about any other combination. One of the reasons this works is because it is an astrological square, that is, the Suns are at 90 degrees to each other. [...]

Aries Female and Sagittarius dude

Sagittarius: Fire and Fire can be a very hot combination, at least, this looks very good on paper. And, in the real world, it works well, too. There is one or two little difficulties that need to be addressed, though, and that is the apparent brash and rash behavior of the Aries that leads some [...]

Aries Female and Scorpio

Scorpio: Think about it, first. Think long and hard before you succumb to the ultimate in seductive attractions in the zodiac, the Scorpio male. Think about what you might be getting yourself into. While I’ve seen this be a successful relationship from time to time, I’ve also seen the innate problems associated with this coupling. [...]

Aries Female and Libra Male

Libra: It’s another case where opposites attract, that’s what your little Aries self will see in that Libra guy. Good? Maybe. Sometimes. Sort of. You love the way that Libra guy can dress, he has impeccable taste, and some how, he just knows how to say the very words you need to soothe your soul. [...]

Aries Female and Virgo Male

Virgo: When I look at this one on paper, I mean, when I sit here and print up the various charts, and think back to the individual readings and try to draw some serious conclusions, the only message that pops into my mind is, “Why?” It’s a great idea. It looks good on paper. It [...]

Aries Female and the mighty Leo

Leo: I’ve always liked this combination, I just don’t get to see it as often as I like. It fits my Cardinal and Fixed rule, and as a Sagittarius, it also fits my Fire Rules rule. Perhaps all the Aries girls and Leo guys are so happy they never seek an astrologer for advice. So [...]

Aries Female and Cancer Guy

Cancer: Fire and Water, together the two elements make steam. While this is a good looking relationship on the surface, there are problems at its core because both signs are Cardinal signs, and that means the two signs square each other. Old Time Astrology says that this is a bad angle. Here at the research [...]

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