Capricorn woman and…

Capricorn woman and Gemini guy

Gemini: There are many fine qualities to be associated with a Gemini. There are many qualities to be associated with a lovely Capricorn. The two don’t always meet on this physical plane of existence, or so that’s been my experience. The problem with this relationship usually has to do with the Gemini. The Capricorn is [...]

Capricorn female and Taurus male

Taurus: This is really one of the better Cardinal and Fixed relationships because it’s in two earth signs. All that dirt can be quite grounding. That’s the good news. That’s the great news. If you are willing to consult a plethora of old astrology texts, it will tell you that this is a good combination. [...]

Capricorn woman and Aries man

Aries: “(they are) hard–handed men which never labour’d in their minds till now” — from Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream (V.i.72–3). That quote just helped me set the tone for this kind of a relationship. The Aries male can present the sweet and delicate Capricorn female with a number of obstacles. The poor man–child, as he [...]

Capricorn guy

Capricorn: Pragmatic Capricorn’s always have this pinched look on their faces, like maybe they’re smellin’ last week’s bait. Open up a Cappy’s tackle box, and you’ll find organized lures, hooks arranged by size, flies in neat rows — it’s so tidy — it’s disgusting. Cappy’s all have perverse sense of humor, Cap being ruled by [...]

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