Taurus Woman and…

Taurus Woman and Pisces guys

Pisces: Oh dear. Have you landed yourself a Pisces male? Then get prepared for a relationship which will be a lot of fun, but it will be equally frustrating because the Pisces male that you’ve got your hands on has a rather fluid sense of justice and morals which can be quite porous. The fish [...]

Taurus Woman and Aquarius Male

Aquarius: Sometimes, there is a strong appeal between two signs. In this case, it’s that age–old (instead of age of) Aquarius appeal going for you. When Fixed signs attract each other, there is usually a gentle form rivalry going on, some competitive edge is working. An Aquarius guy is good for that. There’s just one [...]

Taurus Girl and Capricorn Guy

Capricorn: Dirt and dirt can go together like oil and water. Or they can form a more holy bond than most people experience in several lifetimes. And if you’re involved with a Capricorn guy, there is surely a degree of past life influence, a certain sense of destiny, and certain sense of trials and tribulations [...]

Taurus Female and Sagittarius Guys

Sagittarius: Dear Taurus woman, what were you thinking? The wild and woolly Sagittarius lad is certainly exciting. In fact, you’re bound to find him sexy and alluring, and you would dearly love to tame his wild ways. That’s the problem. His wild ways, which you find so attractive, might not be subjugated so easily, and [...]

Taurus Female and Scorpio Male

Scorpio: This is possibly one of the best or worst, depending on a few factors, combination. While I have one or two stunning examples of how it works well with Taurus girl and Scorpio guy, I also get many Taurus females who complain bitterly about the behavior characteristics that are endemic with Scorpio guys. Do [...]

Taurus Woman and Libra guy

Libra: In this relationship, the glue is built on trust. The Libra has to trust to Taurus for stability, more than anything else. That doesn’t mean that every night you’re expected to be at home with dinner on the table at the precise hour—no Libra would abide by such ritual, besides, he would oftentimes be [...]

Taurus Woman and Virgo man

Virgo: This is a good get together of two earth signs. On more than one occasion, I’ve taken one look at this, and said, “You two deserve each other.” (I’ve also been force–fed my words back to me, but I could say that about all relationships in one flavor or another.) I still like this [...]

Taurus Woman and Leo Male

Leo: This is another example of charts that shouldn’t work well together, but for some reason, they do. I can’t put my finger on just what it is. Perhaps it’s the idea that both signs are truly “the most stubborn sign” and that adds a degree of tenacity, which seems to be lacking, (if you [...]

Taurus Woman and Cancer male

Cancer: This is one of the more sedate gathering of signs that I’ve observed. There’s an undercurrent to it, though, that seems to run deep. It’s like that spot on the river, where the bank is too steep approach from the land, maybe there’s a picturesque Willow tree overhanging the pool, but the water is [...]

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