Virgo Female and …

Virgo female and Pisces male

Pisces: The Pisces is a curious creature because it never knows what version of reality it’s standing in…. In other words, clueless fits these guys pretty well. And Virgo is opposite Pisces on the great wheel in the sky. That could mean trouble, in more than one way. From the FGS files, I’ve discovered that [...]

Virgo girl and Sagittarius guys

Sagittarius: Oddly enough, this is a relationship that can work, provided that the sensitive Virgo female is aware of the Sag male’s needs. His principle desire is freedom whereas her principle desire is stability. Hard to work out, but if you allow the Sag enough coming and going room, then the two signs can happily [...]

Virgo female and Scorpio male

Scorpio: On a rating system of some kind, I’d have to give the Virgo girl and the Scorpio guy a very high rating. There’s something at work here which is just better than most. The Scorpio guy is usually intensely private about certain things—sex comes to mind. And the Virgo girl is intensely private, too, [...]

Virgo woman and Libra man

Libra: There’s only one little, tiny problem here. It has to do with a refined sense of order that a good Virgo girl has. Whether you’re the neatest of Virgo’s, or the kind of Virgo that lives in a messy place [but you know where everything is], there is still a very ornate sense of [...]

Virgo Female and Virgo Male

Virgo: Same sign relationships face a little bit of a stigma, according to some resources I’ve consulted. But when I look at the couples like this, I’ve always found that there is something here that seems to work pretty well. More often than not though, there is a discrepancy in the traditional Virgo archetype, that [...]

Virgo Female and Cancer man

Cancer: Okay, let’s try this one: Virgo girls are great. Cancer men can be wonderful. It’s not a pairing up without a degree of good stuff going for it. There is a problem, though. You want to fix the fence in the backyard. He wants to “play house,” which looks a lot more like something [...]

Virgo female and Gemini boys

Gemini: Why do you do this to me? What have I ever done to deserve this? Why must I take two of my favorite signs and compare them in an unlikely combination? And yes, my dear Virgo girl, the odds are against you. Gemini men display many wonderful traits: they are witty, entertaining, and forever [...]

Virgo girl and Aries boy

Aries: The good, the bad, and the ugly…. The problem here is that an Aries Male has a marked tendency to appear rash and impetuous, especially when he is posited next to a prim and proper Virgo Lady. And that’s the whole problem in a nutshell. Can it work? Sure. What’s it going to take? [...]

Virgo guys

Virgo — poor Virgo, much maligned as the neat–freak perfectionist of the zodiac. Which they usually are, but they do arrive in two flavor: neat and messy. Ruled, more or less, by Mercury. Mutable Earth signs, great for cleaning fish. Although they make great bean counters, don’t let them divvy up the check at the [...]

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