Taurus Female and Sagittarius Guys

The Archer Sagittarius

The Archer Sagittarius

Sagittarius: Dear Taurus woman, what were you thinking? The wild and woolly Sagittarius lad is certainly exciting. In fact, you’re bound to find him sexy and alluring, and you would dearly love to tame his wild ways. That’s the problem. His wild ways, which you find so attractive, might not be subjugated so easily, and you might be biting off more than you can chew.

Those alluring traits, which look so good one night, might not be the best characteristics to seek in a long–term partnership. This is a merger that might not have all the merits of both the interested companies when they are separate and alone. You need to tread cautiously before embarking on this sort of a deal.
It’s not like you don’t appear tempting to him, either. You have that stable yet slightly wild look in your eyes, you have that “unknown” quality about yourself which suggests that he might be very interested. He wants to explore, and you’re just one more “unknown” he needs to find out about.

Is he interested? That’s a definite yes. Is going to last for a long time? That’s up to you. You have a very fine line, a certain balance point that you have to succeed in maintaining, and that is a real difficult proposition in the best of times, and an impossible takes under the worst of circumstances.

He likes his freedom, but he like the rock–solid anchor that you also seem to represent to him. Which why will he go? It depends on the phase of the Moon, the turning of the various whims of the wheel of fortune, and any number of intangible factors, which for your precious Taurus life, you might never get a firm grasp of.

The best advice is to hold him with loose rein, let him meander about like he always does. Don’t be afraid of his passion because that is certainly there. And don’t be upset if his passion ebbs and flows like the tide. He’s not moody, but he is easily distracted. As long as you understand that he moved by whims from time to time, you’ll do okay.

“Hey baby, who loves you?”

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