Taurus Female and Scorpio Male

TaurusScorpio: This is possibly one of the best or worst, depending on a few factors, combination. While I have one or two stunning examples of how it works well with Taurus girl and Scorpio guy, I also get many Taurus females who complain bitterly about the behavior characteristics that are endemic with Scorpio guys. Do a little research and find out what you are considering, when considering this union. Like I’ve suggested, I have a few cases where it’s a long–term, long–lasting combination. But I’ve also heard about how it blows up pretty bad, with much gnashing of teeth, and foul words at 20 paces. Lawyers, even, are called in.

When it works, it’s because the Taurus girl can recognize the smoldering sexuality of Mr. Mysterious. She accepts that, and doesn’t worry about the fact that he always seems to be up to something. She doesn’t let that thought trouble her serene Taurus tainted worldview. In some cases, she shrugs it off and writes it off as “male behavior.” Don’t forget that the Taurus herself is smoldering sensate of superior sensuality, therefore these two can find a common ground. That, and the opposition of Taurus and Scorpio can make for an instant attraction. In this case, when it works, the instant attraction never, ever fades.

ScorpioBut that isn’t always the case, and it does seem to be the exception to the rule. These are the two most fixed signs in the zodiac. Each one has a tenacious quality that never seems to go away. At all. Ever. Get over the idea that you are going to change each other. I’ve yet to find a Scorpio guy that changes willingly for his date. What seems to be the normal course of events is that this starts out as a torrid romance and then dissolves as the participants both have an impossible time advancing their own agendas. It usually involves some small disagreement that escalates into a full–time war. And no relationship should ever look like a war zone. Each side, both Taurus and Scorpio, in this case, grind their collective heels into the dirt and stand fast. It seems that there is small point of order, perhaps a principle rather than a real situation that causes the initial conflict. It just never seems to get any better.

Both signs are very stable, but if you ask either one, the other one is “a psychotic personality, obviously.” When it does work, it’s because there is some high degree of satisfaction and stability present. But when a person argues with a Taurus female or a Scorpio male, some one has to lose, and neither of these signs are willing to concede a point. When it’s good, it’s great. It will last forever. But if there is the slightest hint of dissatisfaction, get out while you still have one shred of your own human dignity left.

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