Taurus Girl and Capricorn Guy

Capricorn: Dirt and dirt can go together like oil and water. Or they can form a more holy bond than most people experience in several lifetimes. And if you’re involved with a Capricorn guy, there is surely a degree of past life influence, a certain sense of destiny, and certain sense of trials and tribulations which might scare away a lesser sign, some female who isn’t a Taurus.

I’ve maintained for some time now that Cap guy doesn’t fully season until he’s hit a good 30 years of age. That’s when he’s on top of things, that’s when his ruling planet, the planet voted most likely to be associated with his sign, Saturn, has made a complete trip around his chart. Before that age, I wonder about these guys a little. They ain’t all there, if you know what I mean. But after that little trip through zodiac, he’s more than ready. Catch one before his Saturn Return, and he’s okay. Get one after that special astrological turning point, and he is wonderful.

The sun signs trine each other, and a trine is generally considered a very good angle between signs. See? I told you this could be good. Regrettably, though, there’s still a small problem with this one, and the Capricorn has this sense that there is some better part of fortune waiting for him, just over there. It’s not a Sagittarius wanderlust, and it’s not a Gemini inherent instability, it’s just a sort of reserved attitude. It’s not as reserved or even hidden, like a Scorpio, it’s just that, well, it’s just a sense of ennui that pervades his psyche from time to time.

On a good day, this man will be very entertaining. Good to look at, youthful, thoughtful, serious, and then there is that dry humor. As long as you adjust your delicate Taurus sensibilities to that self–deprecating humor, you’ll get along fine. He’s so serious some times, he needs that droll stuff to lighten up his load.
The physical attraction should be strong, but it’s less along the lines of fireworks, and more along the lines of Tantric Yoga. Know what that stuff is? Perhaps you are the one to introduce him to this subject. Few signs have the raw physical stamina to keep up with a Taurus. A Cap guy has what it takes to make you real happy.

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