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Taurus guys: This is the sign of mint chocolate. Ask them what their favorite flavor is, “You mean I got to choose just one?” is the common response. Beautiful voice, great sense of taste, aesthetic snobs. Ruled by Venus, as in the Goddess of Beauty. Taurus don’t fish, but have back room filled with tackle and a shiny new bass boat that one wouldn’t want to actually get wet.

Grocery store: A Taurus is fun to shop with. The tactile nature of Taurus turns a simple trip to the grocery store into a sensory experience. There’re melons to thump, tomatoes to squeeze, the mint to smell, and maybe a few fresh cut flowers to pick up, too. I remember being stuck in a Mall with a Taurus, and he had to touch and handle everything. Before he could declare a shirt worthy of purchase, he had to fondle the material to see if it was soft and silky smooth.

Shopping at midnight: Whether shopping for auto parts or swimwear, the Taurus will seem to meander at times in the discount store that is open 24 hours. The Taurus will always swing through the clothing department just to see if there are any good deals, fondling the softer fabrics. The Taurus will also wander through the food section just to see if there are any good deals available. This is due to the fact that Taurus is most often associated with Venus. It’s the Venus which rules good taste. Soft, supple, and very sensual. Don’t forget that pleasure is a business to a Taurus.

Brick wall: A Taurus takes one look at an Aries banging his head against the brick wall and decides that it looks like it might hurt. Taurus has a much more refined approach: do nothing, wait and see. Taurus can be rather patient at times, and when confronted with an immovable object, the Taurus is inclined to hang a nice, pretty drape on it and sit himself down to a hearty meal, waiting to see if the problem will go away. Remember, the problem has been addressed by a tasteful drape, or maybe a painting, or, at the very least, a poster that seems to be in good taste.

Bait: Get one of those special Craw Dad plastic things––the newer plastic jobs that have a special, garlic smell embedded in the plastic. Works great. I know, you might find the authentic “feeling” of the plastic a little slimy, but to catch a Taurus, you need something that looks real, feels real, and, most important, tastes good. And that garlic flavor–bacon bait has the taste that a Taurus Bass will crave.

Body part: Neck, throat, ears.

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