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The Ram

I love Aries guys, and you’re going to find them attractive, too—that’s the good news. But as soon as I start out with a note of good news, like the perspicacious individual that you are, you’re going to be asking, “Okay, smart guy, what’s the bad news?”

Glad you asked. Aries are known for their gentle and loving manner. Just kidding. Aries are known for the fact that they are fire signs, and as such, they embody many of the traits of the element fire. That means there can be a lot of passion there. Depth of feeling, though, isn’t the same as passion, and as a Taurus, your refined sense of whom you are requires that you have some depth in that emotion.

Like the element of fire: strike a match and watch what happens. As long as there is the oxygen and matchstick, that is, as long as there is fuel, it burns well. But when that fire runs out of fuel, you’re stuck with a smoldering splinter and probably burnt fingertips.

I’m not about to suggest that every Aries guy is like that burned up matchstick, but you might want to consider a few elements before holding on to him too long. Does he really have what it takes to make it through the Taurus mud pit of love? Or is this guy really just a sprinter, and he sure looks good right now, but he might grow cold before too long? These are important questions, and in your little Taurus heart (actually, most Taurus girls have huge hearts), you need to make some assessment about real worth versus what you’re feeling at the moment. It’s sometimes hard to tell love from passion because the two emotions often excite the same place in the brain. But it’s not your brain that I’m worried about, it’s your heart.

There are numerous qualities about Aries guys that I really do like. They are loyal, and they are very upfront. There is rarely, if ever, any hidden agenda. They tell you what they are going to tell you, they tell you what they tell you and then they tell you what they told you. Pretty simple. That’s that. No more. Over and out. Finish. Done deal. ––30––. End of file. Fini. Get the picture?

My personal favorite is the brick wall scenario. Go back and review that before you get much further. See if it fits you, and see if it fits that Aries guy. And then, you have to decide for yourself, see if his style fits your style. For a short run, it works well. For a long–term engagement, I might look elsewhere.

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