Taurus Woman and Aquarius Male

Aquarius: Sometimes, there is a strong appeal between two signs. In this case, it’s that age–old (instead of age of) Aquarius appeal going for you. When Fixed signs attract each other, there is usually a gentle form rivalry going on, some competitive edge is working. An Aquarius guy is good for that. There’s just one little thing about Taurus girl that bothers him. See, it seems that all of you Taurus girls, at one time or another, seem to emote. Just a fact of life. And while that Aquarius guy has a good understanding of the words you are using, the proper evocation of feelings just doesn’t make into his Aquarius heart.

I have it on good authority, from an Aquarius medical doctor who looked at me, that this heart thing does exist, as a real organ, in all Aquarius males. He was sure of it. I think he was a blood doctor, but I don’t recall off hand. Oh yes, they all have a pump that circulates the blood fluids through the body.

That’s not the kind of heart I was referring to, and that brings up the hard point with Mr. Aquarius in this situation. Of course, he’s going to call it a situation rather than call it a “relationship” because “the term relationship has both denotative and connotative qualities,” and then he goes off on a rant about the language and winds up talking about Middle English Prosody. Sooner or later, his intellectually stimulating lectures and fine command of the language are going to wear you down. Maybe even wear you out, and it’s hard to wear out a Taurus girl [I should know].

What are you going to do? I suggest enjoying the Aquarius person for what he is. He’s entertaining, he can increase your vocabulary, and on some cold, winter nights, he can scratch that itch that no one else can get to. But don’t plan on him being a cuddle bunny later—that’s not his nature. So enjoy his company for what it is, but understand he’s got a special yen for freedom that is more symbolic than anything else, and this urge can get in the way of your sense of domesticity.

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