Taurus Woman and Cancer male

CancerCancer: This is one of the more sedate gathering of signs that I’ve observed. There’s an undercurrent to it, though, that seems to run deep. It’s like that spot on the river, where the bank is too steep approach from the land, maybe there’s a picturesque Willow tree overhanging the pool, but the water is moving fast and eddies back. This Deep Eddy is what this relationship is like.

It looks calm on the surface. Down deep, though, are some tremendous bottom feeders—catfish. If you don’t know anything about how good catfish tastes when it’s skinned and grilled, or rolled in some batter and fried, just take my word for it, it can be the finest of meals. Tasty fish food. The deal with a catfish is that he resembles, or his flavor resembles, the water that he’s feeding in. If you are starting with a basically clear fork of the river, then this catfish is wonderful, and this relationship is wonderful. If there’s been a lot of disturbances, though, there can be trouble—like the fish, he’ll taste like mud. Worse yet, if some garbage has been thrown into the river, or industrial waste, then this is also reflected in the flavor of the relationship.

While there is a certain affinity for each other, there is also the chance of trouble. Move carefully when you’re fishing for a Cancer catfish in this tributary. Make sure you check the upstream source before diving in with a Cancer.

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