Taurus Woman and Gemini Male

TaurusGemini: Work with me on this one, my fine Taurus girl. Gemini is a fine specimen of humanity. Sometimes. Other times, you feel like you’ve got yourself a space alien. To be sure, that Gemini guy is certainly bright and entertaining, but consider the basic elemental construction of these two signs. You’re solid, like a rock. He’s not. You’re stable. He’s entertaining. Maybe not too stable, but fun. You’re soft and sensual. He’s soft and sensual. Wait, he was, now he’s not interested. Now he’s bored. Now he’s excited again. I hope you can follow what the problem might be.

Every hyperactive child needs a stabilizing influence in his life. The question you might want to ask yourself has to do with putting up with that Gemini guy for a long time. Remember how much fun he is? Be careful, because there’s a time, let’s say it’s like a Sunday morning when you just want to stay in that nice, warm bed a little longer. That’s the morning that the Gemini wants to get up early and tackle some big projects. You’ll also be dismayed to find out that the first project involves stripping the sheets off the bed so he can do the laundry.

geminiHis timing is impeccable. It’s the one day you can sleep late. It’s the one day when you can lounge around with no problems. This is an example, that Gemini bobbing up and done at the bedside, “C’mon, don’t you want to get up?”

Occasionally, I’ve seen this relationship combination successful over a long period of time. But what makes it work is the patience of the Taurus and her rock solid stability that serves to anchor that Gemini a little. In the better relationships, I also suspect that the good Taurus woman gets all her commitments from the Gemini guy in writing; that way he can’t dispute what he agreed to. “Oh, that’s right, you want to sleep in today….”

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