Taurus Woman and Leo Male

Leo: This is another example of charts that shouldn’t work well together, but for some reason, they do. I can’t put my finger on just what it is. Perhaps it’s the idea that both signs are truly “the most stubborn sign” and that adds a degree of tenacity, which seems to be lacking, (if you believe the statistics) in most current relationships.
I’m certainly not a voyeur, but this would be interesting to watch, at some level, because of the passionate side of the Leo and the intensely erotic side of the Taurus.

Without getting into graphic details, this just might be the glue that holds these two together. However, when examining the charts themselves, I see no reason why a decent Taurus woman and a Leo guy would be together. From watching several couple just like this, what I’ve seen is that the method for resolving differences is a finely tuned device. There is some quipping, a few sly comments, and then the reconciliation.

In the practical world, I still doubt that this works, but in the FGS laboratory, I’ve got more examples of this working than not. Perhaps it’s the human nature element at work here.

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