Taurus Woman and Libra guy

LibraLibra: In this relationship, the glue is built on trust. The Libra has to trust to Taurus for stability, more than anything else. That doesn’t mean that every night you’re expected to be at home with dinner on the table at the precise hour—no Libra would abide by such ritual, besides, he would oftentimes be late. But there’s a degree wherein you have to have some sort of private ritual that you both adhere to. It’s not always the same. The fact — both signs are ruled by Venus — is good.

It’s different Venus that rules the fixed earth sign of Taurus when compared to the cardinal air Libra sign’s Venus. It might make you wonder if it is in fact the same ruling planet, but that’s where this relationship comes together. It’s built on love, and that’s the same planet, the Venus of love.

As goddesses go, though, Venus could be fickle and that’s where the stability of the Taurus comes into play. Rock steady. Won’t budge under the most dire of circumstances. “Built Ford tough,” to borrow from a truck marketing slogan. The other part of the Libra that requires some understanding is his ability to start something, and then wander off with the project half completed. He’s got other things on his mind right now, don’t hound him about the unfinished business. With a Libra male, there will always be some great schemes, plans and a few details left unattended. This is where there is always a degree of acceptance needed on the part of the Taurus. With that forgiveness, a coy shake of her head, a little bemused look, the Taurus lady can hitch up her skirts and carry on.

I’ll promise that you will always be entertained, just don’t take too much of what he says to heart. But you can trust him with your heart.

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