Taurus Woman and Pisces guys


The Fishes

Pisces: Oh dear. Have you landed yourself a Pisces male? Then get prepared for a relationship which will be a lot of fun, but it will be equally frustrating because the Pisces male that you’ve got your hands on has a rather fluid sense of justice and morals which can be quite porous.

The fish analogy works really well here because he is very hard to hold on to. You never know which way he is going to turn. The advantage is that the Pisces guy can keep up with that Taurus sensual side and never miss a beat. That much he’s good for.


The Bull

Other things? Like taking out the trash or mowing the lawn? Find another sign.

The Pisces male will love you with all his heart and soul, and he has great depths in his soul, which the Taurus can only get a glimpse of. That’s where the fun really starts because a relationship like this can feel like it soars on many planes, astral planes, physical planes, jet planes, biplanes, you name it.

The problem here is that the Taurus girl wants some sense of stability, and the Pisces guy finds most of his sense of stability in the spiritual side of life. Belief systems are great, but unless one is really adept at magic, solid belief systems usually fail to put bread on the table.

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