Taurus Woman and Taurus guy

TaurusTaurus: This is one of those relationships that really looks bad on paper. I mean, it looks terrible. Practical advice suggests that should just stay away from this one altogether. Those folks in the know claim it’s just no good. But what the books say, and what I’ve seen, seems to be different.
It can work. It can work pretty well. It’s matter of understanding what you two are about. Personally, I enjoy shopping with a Taurus because no one has the exquisite good taste that a Taurus girl displays. But understanding each other is the problem. The trouble starts when major problems occur. This is going to take teamwork, cooperation, and chance to work together. It’s like shopping with a Taurus. If you understand what’s going on, it can be an incredibly enjoyable experience. If you don’t get it, though, there’s trouble.

When my Taurus friend goes to the store, doesn’t matter which store, let’s suggest it’s a “Super Mega Discount Chain Store,” she is going to dawdle and look at all the pretty clothes, maybe even some of the material, which is in a department clear across the store from where wanted to be. Then there’s the touching, it’s that Taurus tactile thing I like so much, she has to feel all the clothes. Eye appeal isn’t everything, there’s a certain feeling to each piece of cloth. Now, we went to the store to pick up a 12–pack of cheap diet soda, but you know, as long as we’re here….

That’s the flavor this relationship takes. You can seem to sit for hours, days, weeks at a time without much verbal communication. That looks real cool with two bulls sitting there. But like my dear old Dad used to say, “There can only be one bull in the pasture.” Makes for a bit of a problem.

As long as there is an understanding here, though, I’ve seen this one work. In fact, I’ve seen it work more times than not. The degree of understanding is important. That might be an important characteristic in every good relationship, but it’s really important here. Fortunately, most people with a strong Taurus chart can be very patient. And that’s going to be important here.

Understanding your target, understanding how that Taurus guy reacts to certain situations is often like looking at a mirror. And I can say from long personal experience, it’s hard to argue with the face in the mirror. In my case, he has counter for my every argument. That’s the only problem with this, really, it’s learning how to solve your problems together. Good luck. While some might look askance at this, I’ve seen Taurus plus Taurus work.

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