Taurus Woman and Virgo man

TaurusVirgo: This is a good get together of two earth signs. On more than one occasion, I’ve taken one look at this, and said, “You two deserve each other.”

(I’ve also been force–fed my words back to me, but I could say that about all relationships in one flavor or another.)

I still like this one because we’ve got two signs that compliment each other pretty well. But I have to warn you about the Virgo guy. He is not without a few faults. Okay, so Virgo’s are usually perfect. Perhaps I should just leave it at that. In this world, however, perfectionism doesn’t always add up. I’ve encountered one too many Virgo males who just doesn’t quite get it.

VirgoI’m reminded of failed relationship between two of this ilk, and there’s a funny story. The Taurus girl was in the process of breaking up with the Virgo guy, claiming he was too anal retentive about certain aspects of the relationship. You know how those Virgo guys can be. She concluded her speech about “just being friends, quit seeing each other” and all that other stuff, and then she asked him for a comment. He looked at here, the bright summer sun shining overhead, the idyllic park, the little creek burbling near by, and he made one comment. It was body function: flatulence. Of the loud and noxious variety.

To this day, I’m pretty sure they are still friends. But if the Taurus girl can’t abide with some of the typical Virgo characteristics found in the male of this species, she should move on. I will promise, though, that it’s not a typical relationship, and there are certain elements inherent in both of the signs that make this pretty good. The sensual Taurus can find some of the attention she craves in a Virgo.

On a star scale, this should get about three out of four stars. Not the very best but pretty good, and like I’ve often said, “You guys deserve each other.”

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