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So it’s the New Age. Rather embark upon a discussion about the Age of Aquarius and its ramifications, or, for that matter, exactly when it all started, let’s skip to the meat. If ya’ll are vegan, the meat of the message is the same, it’s the juicy part of the vegetable.

Despite my New Age, liberal leanings, I still maintain that male and female versions of each sign differ. Look up your sign, then look your target’s sign. Your “target” can be a real target, a person you’re considering as a target, a spouse, a boyfriend, a girlfriend, a life–mate, a significant other, your boss, your cubicle mate, or, in my case, the cat.

If you know more about the target’s chart, perhaps you know the birthday and have an inkling as to what sign the Moon is in, of maybe the person has a giant cluster of planets in particular place in the chart to lend a strong flavor to the chart, then compare your sign with that flavor.

Some work.

Some people are dead ringers for their signs.

Other people look like the Moon Sign, Ascendant, or maybe a stellium of planets in one particular slice of their sky.

Any mistakes in the text? All mine.

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