Virgo female and Aquarius male

Aquarius: I’ve seen worse combinations work, and starting out by stating that, gives your Aquarius guy a chance to think about it. If you are willing to put up with some of the Aquarius eccentricities, then this is certainly a worthwhile relationship. But please, my favorite Virgo girl, please learn to control the whining, complaining, and general sad face that is so often mistaken for a Virgo face.

Yes, I realize that you Virgo’s do get picked on a lot for making a point out of making a point out of about every little problem. And I’m not about to suggest that you change your basic Virgo nature, either. That’s not what I was looking at. What I was trying to address is the way you bring these complaints to your Aquarius guy. He has many fine traits. One of them is not usually deterred by minor discrepancies in day to day stuff, and that’s just exactly what will bother your own, sweet self. Those little hiccups that occur, the routine problems that you encounter… that’s the problem.

I found one Virgo girl carefully polishing the silverware at a restaurant where she was dining. Her Aquarius date was able to find the humor in the situation. She was merely wiping off the water spots with a clean napkin, something to insure that the silverware was nice as possible before she used that same silverware too convey food to her mouth. It was not an unreasonable proposition.

Proper Aquarius fashion is not concerned with such minute details. He’s looking at the big picture, and your Virgo attention to detail is a problem.

If you’re lucky, then you wind up with an Aquarius who finds such actions amusing, and, from a strictly intellectual point of view, he can see the justification for doing what you do. In the worst of situation, though, he will make fun of your behavior. You’re going to know, right away, whether this will work or not. Although you’re not prone to snap decisions, you will find you can make a quick assessment of the potential here. My best wager is that it’s good. There is enough “astrological glue” to hold this one together for a long time.

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