Virgo female and Gemini boys

Gemini: Why do you do this to me? What have I ever done to deserve this? Why must I take two of my favorite signs and compare them in an unlikely combination? And yes, my dear Virgo girl, the odds are against you. Gemini men display many wonderful traits: they are witty, entertaining, and forever childish. And that’s one of the problems with this combination. Trying to tie up a Gemini guy in a Virgo–love–fest is just not a great idea. Every once in a while, perhaps twice a day, you’re going to want to put your foot down and tell him to, “Get serious for a minute.”

Refer back to what I just said were some of his good qualities. And you are much entertained, perhaps as much as 75% of the time, by his antics, make that his “Gemini antics.” The problem occurs when you want to get to the real point of a sticky situation and he insists on making a joke of it. Or when he wants to play, and your Virgo self is only interested in getting to the bottom of the problem, first.

Now, to be truthful, my cat is not a Gemini. But the fact that she decides it’s play time just as soon as I crawl into bed dog–tired, that’s a definite Gemini trait. Just when you thought you could rest, it’s a problem because he’s ready to play. My cat finds the loudest toy she can bat around, just as soon as I’m beat. Typical Gemini guy trick.

I’ll be honest, I’ve seen this combination last, with two shining examples of both signs, for a long period of time. But the Gemini guy has to be given a degree of “latitude” in order to operate on Gemini time. In Gemini space, as it were.

He will pick projects up, set sail on grand schemes, truck off in different directions, and he will always be exploding with new ideas. The entertainment value alone is sometimes worth the price of admission in this pairing of signs. As long as you understand just what you’re getting into, it can be good. The difficulties arise when the two signs don’t understand the inherent nature of each other’s needs and are not willing to bend a little to be with the other.

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