Virgo female and Scorpio male


The Scorpion

Scorpio: On a rating system of some kind, I’d have to give the Virgo girl and the Scorpio guy a very high rating. There’s something at work here which is just better than most. The Scorpio guy is usually intensely private about certain things—sex comes to mind. And the Virgo girl is intensely private, too, about many of the same topics. I realize the analogy skipped a few steps in between, but you’re working with me now, so let’s just consider this one good. You two are very much alike, in very different way. Confused? Of course you are. Anyone involved with either Virgo girl or a Scorpio guy, or any Virgo girl who finds herself lusting after a Scorpio guy should be confused.

Sometimes, he’s so mysterious. Other times, he’s just the life of the party. You never can tell. He does tend to be a little moody at times, but then, no Virgo woman can really fault a male for that, it’s merely a reflection of her own behavior on certain occasions.

I like this combination. I’ve seen it work. I’ve seen it work well. I have more good charts like this in my files than bad ones.


The Virgin

Of course, I’m going to have to warn you about one, little, tiny problem area. It’s the explosive nature of a Scorpio’s sense of justice. And every once in a while, this relationship can just blow up. Over the smallest of details, too. Suddenly, he’s onto something, and I don’t want to go on a rant here, but when a Scorpio latches onto a problem, they never, ever seem to let go. They will pick at that problem, bring it up at the most inconvenient and embarrassing time, rub your face in it, run it through the dirt, attach it to the flag pole, and it still sits there. This is a side that can lay dormant for years. Don’t excite it. Whatever you do, don’t provoke it. Him, I mean.

It’s usually a good combination, but if there is something touching something else in your charts, there is a chance that this is a highly volatile combination. And that ain’t good. Don’t forget that all generalizations about Scorpio’s are false.

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