Virgo Female and Virgo Male

Virgo: Same sign relationships face a little bit of a stigma, according to some resources I’ve consulted. But when I look at the couples like this, I’ve always found that there is something here that seems to work pretty well. More often than not though, there is a discrepancy in the traditional Virgo archetype, that neat freak version of a Virgo. One of you two will likely be the messy Virgo. It’s not bad, it just is.

That’s what seems to hold these couples together better than anything else. Even though ya’ll are the same sign, you both bring different versions of this sign together. Makes it work. Makes it work pretty well, as a matter of fact.

There is one chance that this one won’t work. There is one chance that your Virgo guy turns into the creature from the (insert favorite horror film here). There is one chance that this one gets really bad, really ugly, really quickly. There is this one chance that it turns out like a scene from a bad “Z” movie. “Z” movies are way off the scale when it comes to bad, it’s the western with the car tracks and high power electrical wires in the background. The monster movie with the bad monster makeup. So there’s a single chance that this can turn sour. With two Virgo’s, though, I tend to respect this relationship. The rest of the time, it’s like a match made in Heaven.

Heaven, of course, that I’m referring to, is a very small town in West Texas. Maybe it’s called Eden, I don’t recall. Same thing.

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