Virgo girl and Aries boy

VirgoAries: The good, the bad, and the ugly…. The problem here is that an Aries Male has a marked tendency to appear rash and impetuous, especially when he is posited next to a prim and proper Virgo Lady. And that’s the whole problem in a nutshell. Can it work? Sure. What’s it going to take? A little bit of understanding about the dynamics of the way these two signs interact with each other.

In this case, the weight for understanding is going to rest on the shoulders of the Virgo. The reason being, the Virgo has a high set of standards. That Aries guy is going to need someone who will act as a supporter, and not be too concerned with his lack of follow through. Sounds like he might not measure up to your standards. Aries is Cardinal, which means he has a lot of get up and go. The problem with his cardinal energy is he often lacks any way to see a project through to the end. It’s the same man who will wind up be accused of being insensitive to your delicate Virgo needs.

AriesHe’s not a complete fool; he merely doesn’t understand what it is that you’re looking for. And as you get about half way through telling him what it is that you want, he assumes he has all the answers, and, in typical Aries fashion, he rushes off to take care of you. Moving away to take care of you is kind of a contradiction. Yes, there’s a problem with that. The delicate Virgo hierarchy of needs, and the way these desires must be satisfied, is difficult for an Aries to understand. It’s frequently out of his realm of Aries understanding.

See: Aries is the ultimate “emergency worker,” like an ambulance driver. He’s good at slapping a band–aid on a problem, and then moving on to what’s next. Like a fireman, he puts out the fire. And like that fireman, he doesn’t want to build the structure back; he’s already dealt with the emergency of the situation. The Aries male can be quite passionate, but you’ve got to come up with a way to keep him challenged. And you’ll find that some of your delicate sensibilities might not ever be satisfied by that Aries.

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