Virgo girl and Sagittarius guys

The Archer Sagittarius

The Archer Sagittarius

Sagittarius: Oddly enough, this is a relationship that can work, provided that the sensitive Virgo female is aware of the Sag male’s needs. His principle desire is freedom whereas her principle desire is stability. Hard to work out, but if you allow the Sag enough coming and going room, then the two signs can happily coexist. And that’s the key to this relationship, because the typical Sag guy might have a tendency to overreact to the term “relationship,” whereas he can get by just fine as long as it is called something else.

(Hint: call it a “situation”—even if it really is a relationship.)


The Virgin

In other words, don’t tell him he’s in a relationship, let him assume that you are just “sort of seeing each other,” and this relationship will work out quite well. The Virgo legendary attention to detail can be a bit taxing for the Sag male. I wouldn’t want to generalize that all Sagittarius Males are sloppy, but it does seem to a be a fairly common trait. From my own experiences, I can tell you I’ve always like dating a Virgo because I come home to a bathroom which is surgically clean and sterile. It’s not always like that, but you can get the idea. Of course, I also have some “Dating Virgo War Stories” but perhaps this isn’t the best place for that.

The Virgo female is definitely up to the task of taming a Sag male, it’s just imperative that the Virgo understands the Sag way of thinking. In simple terms, the Sag can either pay his rent or take a trip to the south of France. Odds are good that he’ll go to France. And forget you for a little while. You’re not gone from his mind; you’re just a little disturbed that he didn’t take you. You can tell you’re really the important person in his life when he drops you a postcard from the edge of the world.

Who loves you, babe?”

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