Virgo woman and Libra man

VirgoLibra: There’s only one little, tiny problem here. It has to do with a refined sense of order that a good Virgo girl has. Whether you’re the neatest of Virgo’s, or the kind of Virgo that lives in a messy place [but you know where everything is], there is still a very ornate sense of place, a sense of knowing, It’s a Gnostic quality, where everything must be perfect in your world. And well it should be. It is your Virgo world.

LibraLet’s toss a Libra guy into this scene. He’s immaculate when he leaves the house. He’s capable of grand acts of romance, the bottle of your very favorite wine (or 12–pack of beer, here in Texas), the soft lights (broken neon buzzing through a motel window comes to mind), the soft music (old Hank Williams), he even has on your favorite western–cut flannel shirt with fake pearl snaps (on sale at Wal–Mart today). You get the idea, the mood is set perfectly. It’s an idyllic scene. He is everything you could want. Even better, there’s no dip on his teeth because he’s cleaned them for you. He’s clean even if it isn’t Saturday night that is, of course, a nice gesture.

Now what happens in the long haul tractor–trailer of a relationship? That’s where the Libra facade begins to develop a dull sheen to its formerly bright self. The shine loses its sparkle. Bummer, huh? Libra’s are good at starting things. They lack a little bit of follow through. And while they leave the house immaculate themselves, the house is usually a bit of a wreck., It looks like a motel room that a punk band has been sleeping in for a week. Not all Libra guys are like this, but they do all seem to be a little more concerned with pressing items on their hectic agenda, and house cleaning, real or metaphorical, gets put aside. That’s the problem.

The sometime chaotic mess of Libra can drive a Virgo to distraction. If you develop a means for dealing with this possible problem, then you’ve got it made.

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