Virgo woman and Taurus male


The Virgin

Taurus: The Taurus male is a curious creature. At once, he is both sensuous and macho, and those are fine qualities. Of course, in the present condition of modern society, this can prove to be a daunting task. Still the Taurus Sun Sign is an Earth Sign, and it is a Fixed one, as well. This makes for an excellent combination with a Virgo. Remember, you Virgo’s are Mutable Earth Signs. The Fixed/Mutable combination is good, and given that both these signs are earth, makes this even better.

There is a healthy dose of reality in here that helps. From what I’ve seen, a Virgo female can be terribly tenacious. Perhaps just my own observation, but it’s not without a quantity of personal research on my part. And when this Virgo gets hooked up with Taurus, there will be certain problems. It has to do with who is more stubborn.


The Bull

Here’s a hint, let him think he’s right. A Virgo can work with the Taurus because there is a strength that comes from the signs being rather alike in so many ways. The one problem area is probably the typical Virgo fastidiousness that is not likely to be well received by a Taurus. I’m not saying that all Taurus males are messy or that all Virgo females need a bathroom clean enough for surgery, but in this area, there does need to be a degree of peace. You both have a few housekeeping issues to work through before you’re ready for the big commitment.

On paper, in my dusty old astrology texts, and in the ancient lore, I’ve found that this can be a good combination, oftentimes bereft of the high drama found with other combinations. That does indicate—to me—that there is a good chance for a stable happiness.

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